Combine brass furnishings with each other and create your own original style: curtains accessories, switch plates and door locks, all in harmony thanks to the wide range of finishes available in our catalog.

You can customize all the details of your home enhancing the qualities of all the spaces with the Becchetti Bal complements: roses, escutcheons, plates, thumb-turns and doorstops, all Made in Italy products, hand-made by our skilled craftsmen who put their passion in the creation of each article. You can see the artisanal heart of the company, in every object proposed in our catalog, which is studied from the conception to the creation, to make a practical object, that it is functional but also refined and aesthetically elegant, able to give value and quality to every environment.

Playing with styles and combinations is possible with our furnishing accessories: a switch plate can be combined with door locks or switch covers to create a linear style that reflects your personality and style.

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