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A wide range of pull handles and door knockers that will make each room unique: a door handle is an important object, not to be underestimated in the furnishings of the house or office because it is able to change and completely renew the appearance of doors and rooms.

To achieve an elegant and prestigious environment, you need high-quality pull handles and door knockers, which are also able to satisfy every need, for this reason, Becchetti Bal offers a wide range of finishes: from classic to modern taste, from rustic to chic.

The Becchetti Bal door knocker is a simple object that jumps to the eye thanks to its Made in Italy style and which especially does not lose its functionality and quality thanks to its craftsmanship studied in detail.

The treatment of each article is done through the competent hands of the craftsmen who know how to make unique, special and durable every Becchetti Bal product thanks to the passion that they put into the work and all the artisan experience matured over the years.

Customize and match the furnishing accessories to your door knocker creating your own style, to get an original and refined environment.

The available finishes are more than 20 and are all characterized by an unmistakable style: they are designed to satisfy all the different tastes and functional and aesthetic needs, in line with contemporary trends with essential design or with a more retro taste, with a more elegant design.

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Each product is available in all finishes