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The Becchetti Bal doorknob is a fascinating object: it is able to attract the attention of the eye creating a perfect light point that immediately makes the environment more beautiful and elegant.

The master craftsmen, daring, experimenting and reinventing the ideas of the past, have succeeded in giving life to real design objects of great value and unmistakable style, a distinctive sign of Becchetti Bal company. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship are the basis of the production of knobs and end knobs, obviously Made in Italy articles, produced thanks to the enthusiasm of master craftsmen and the passion that they put in every processing stage. These objects are synonymous with high quality and value: the doorknob embellishes the environment thanks to its practicality and functionality, indispensable features for such an object.

A doorknob is an object that cannot miss in a sophisticated environment, it is like a business card: it jumps to the eye and it is fully customizable thanks to over 20 available finishes, designed to satisfy any stylistic preference.

It takes little to give new life to your furniture: with the knobs and end knobs, you can change the look of every piece of furniture in a simple, fast and functional way, making your environments more elegant and refined. You can complete and enrich your furniture with the doorknob with a modern style or a more classic one: let be guided by the inimitable style of Becchetti Bal products and create an environment that reflects you.

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